WAIT! Are You An Entrepreneur or a Business Owner?

Want the Fast Path to Turning 40-Hour A Week into 20-Hour A Week or Less While Multiplying Your Income...all on Autopilot? 
Let's get you started ;)
Please Check if apply:
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Facebook Business Manager
Please started adding all related friends/created a new profile if you don’t want to use your personal one
Please change your cover photo and add your Group name/Logo
Please add Facebook Group and your Funnel/Website links to your profile
Lead Magnet / Book cover
I have done live videos before
Create the following accounts/ download the following:
-Grammarly account and chrome extension
-Soapbox account and extension
-Loom video recorder
-Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension
-Screenshot Saver extension
-Canva.com account
-Please download these apps to your phone: Mojo, Canva, Spark Post, Impresso, Facebook Pages, Facebook ads manager
-Fiverr.com / or any other alternatives if needed
-Save these links to your bookmark manager as well:
Please note our program is a multi-tier program:
Level one: We will help with ($1,400 value): 15 days program
1. Creating your irresistible offer ($100 value)
2. Targeting & Creating Your Irresistible Offer  ($150 value)
3. Creating Your Offer  ($100 value)
4. Creating your Lead Magnet
5. Reach/Video Campaigns ($100 value)
6. Simple funnel system ($250 value)
7. 15 points checklist for your lead magnet ($100 value)
8. Setting up your Facebook, Instagram, and Pages ($50 value)

**The following level will be reached/honored only for selected members who show a high interest in proceeding with their campaigns and show a high intention to create strong systems that will generate the intended financial freedom.

Level two: We will help with $2,000 value:
1. Your retargeting campaigns
2. Hyper-targeting help
3. Conversion Campaigns
4. The $1,000 video script template
6. Storytelling Templates

Level Three: We will you help with ($1,000 value) : 
- Advanced Facebook Setup and Management
- Hyper-targeting secrets
- The up-to-date funnels hacks
- YouTube Hacks and Training
- Videos Repurposing/How and Why?
- Your Biggest Enemy
- 2-Step Funnel System ($550) 

Level Four: Coming Soon

Level Five: Coming Soon

Let me teach you the sales process!!
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This program is in beta-mode, prices are subject to change at any time, paid membership programs are not included in the price change. Our program is valued at least $5,000 and will be priced at least $997 in the next month.

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