Terms & Conditions
This program is intended for people who are about to start their journey with online advertising, or for people who want to scale their local/online businesses.
Refunds will be honored for people who do not wish to continue before the 3rd call/meeting. No refunds after the campaigns start/or after the 3rd meeting/call.

All results that are going to be presented are for education purposes only. We do not guarantee similar results but we will provide all tools and hacks necessary to succeed.
If you want us to do your campaigns, please let us know and we will provide you with quotes based on the type of your business, available budget, number of campaigns, and your niche competition.
This program is in beta-mode, prices are subject to change at any time, paid membership programs are not included in the price change. Our program is valued at $5,000 and will be sold at $997 starting the next month.

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